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About Us...

When we sent out our first approval selections over 50 years ago, our primary goal was to provide our customers with a unique "Custom" Approval Service - based on what each collector liked to collect...rather than what we wanted to sell. From the outset, we decided that we would specialize In Foreign stamps, since the vast majority of dealers at that time sold mostly U.S. issues. And, since we had been collectors for some time, we knew the fun we had exploring the World through these fascinating stamps. Collecting foreign stamps opens the doors to a virtually unlimited range of topical subjects, no matter what your interests may be.

"Judging from your prices and quality, I can see I've been paying far too much for stamps from other sources.. Thank you very much for your EXCELLENT approvals!"  T.B. Portland OR

For the first few years, we found our customers preferred to choose stamps they liked from approval selections of used single stamps from their favorite countries and topics. However, as time passed, we found the vast majority of our collector customers expressing a desire to collect complete mint foreign sets. So, in 1967, this became our specialty...and over time, thousands of collectors have enjoyed receiving our custom mint-set approval selections year after year.

Today, we find many collectors prefer to save both mint and used...acquiring older issues in nice postally-used condition (especially the 19th century classics), and the more modern issues as complete mint sets. One thing has remained constant - our goal to prepare each and every approval selection individually, according to your own unique collecting preferences. It's this ability to provide a truly personalized service, combined with the quality of stamps every collector appreciates, that results in so many satisfied customers. We'd like you to give us a try...and are confident that you'll discover that we really are different than any other approval service!

"Your flexibility, great prices and awesome selections have put you on the top of the list of any Stamp Dealers I've ever worked with!"
R.S., Sacramento, CA.